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Cash Management

Stay up-to-date on your business transactions, accept customers payments and initiate employee paychecks online with First State’s secure processing system. First State’s Cash Management system offers the following benefits and features:

  • Security tokens to avoid fraud - Each business online user will have their own security token, which is used in place of a password to log into your accounts.  This unique security feature helps prevent corporate account takeovers and hackers accessing your accounts.
  • Real-time balances - Your online accounts update immediately, so you can constantly see what your current balance is.
  • Instant Internet transfers - If you have multiple First State Bank accounts, use the convenience of online transfers to move money from one account to another.  Save yourself a trip to the branch!
  • Secure statement storage - Keep your account information personal and secure by receiving your statements online. 
  • View transactions and images of checks - View transactions instantaneously and reconcile your checks that have cleared your accounts.
  • User Management Services - You can provide selected employees access to different features of cash management with your approval.
  • Initiate loan payments - Use business online banking make payments on First State Bank loans.
  • ACH Origination - Collect payments from your businesses or keep employees happy with electronic payroll processing through secure online banking!