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Lost or Stolen Card Contact Information

If your debit card is lost or stolen – contact First State immediately.

Call during bank hours at 402-858-1774
After bank hours call 800-472-3272
Fraud Reporting (After Hours) 877-253-8964


man with a credit card from wallet

Be Proactive

You work hard for the money you earn, proactively protect your money with these tips.

  • Keep your card in a safe place to avoid damage. 
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write the PIN down on anything in your wallet or on the card itself. 
  • When selecting a PIN, avoid numbers and letters that relate to your personal information. For example, don't use your initials, birthday, telephone or Social Security number. If you have such a number, contact your bank and get a new PIN issued. 
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen card to your financial institution. 
  • To help guard against fraud, keep your ATM receipts until you check them against your monthly statement.

With First State you have round-the-clock protection against the increasingly savvy perpetrators of debit card fraud with Fraud Watch services.  If you ever get a call from “Fraud Protection Services” know that Fraud Watch is doing their job and preventing potential fraudulent use of your card.