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Interactive Ways to Teach Your Children About Money

Kids cash register on table
Teaching your children all about money can be a daunting task. Finding fun games and activities that keep your kids engaged can make it easier and more successful. Here are a few ideas of ways you can teach basic financial principles to children of all ages. Monopoly A family game night classic, Monopoly teaches money management including making smart investments while saving up to avoid becoming bankrupted. The game also gives a small look into the real estate industry. If you have younger children, Monopoly Jr. is a great option that teaches 5–8-year-olds basic math and budgeting. The Game of Life Another family staple, The Game of Life teaches players how their life choices can have a large impact on their financial status. Your children can learn that their choices in occupation, having a family or which type of home they buy will affect how their future will play out. Jobs Around the House To teach your child the value of money, you can give them a job that

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