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Protecting your Small Business from Cyber-Attacks

Protecting your Small Business from Cyber Attacks
Protecting your Small Business from Cyber-Attacks Did you know small businesses are one of the most common targets for hackers? That’s because cyber security is often overlooked by small businesses. Understanding common cyber-attacks and following our five tips can help protect your small business.    Why are small businesses targeted? While all businesses are at risk of a cyber-attack, small businesses often lack cyber protocols, which make them an easier target. A large majority of small businesses also don’t have a dedicated IT department to protect them, and the staff they have is not trained in cyber security. Cyber-attacks don’t just put the company at risk, they also put their customers in a compromised position. When hackers access a company’s information, they could potentially steal social security numbers, medical records, bank account information, and other personal details of the company’s customers. Once they have this

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