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Identity Theft: One Subject You Don’t Want to Learn at College

As students have begun to resume classes, they need to stay vigilant against the scams, schemes and tricks of identity fraudsters. Student identity theft is on the rise, all around the world. Like most predators, identity thieves like to target the young and the elderly. That’s why college and university students frequently become victims of identity theft. Consider these statistics: 49% of all suspected identity fraud cases in Canada have a victim aged 18 to 34.1 There’s been a 24% rise in identity fraud among UK victims under 21 years of age.2 19% of all identity theft complaints in America are made by people ages 20 to 29.3 Students make ideal victims for fraudsters There are several reasons why students are so often targeted by identity thieves. First, they tend to be less guarded and cautious with personal information, so it is easier to gather the necessary data points. Second, they are often less vigilant about preventative security measure, like

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