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Contactless Debit Cards

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Make Faster, Safer Transactions with your NEW Contactless First State Debit Card

We’ll begin issuing new contactless cards on February 1, 2022 with an accelerated re-issue in March to ensure all our customers have the latest technology in their wallet within a year. This means you’ll receive your new contactless debit card by the end of the month that your current card expires no matter what year it expires. Cards will arrive in unmarked envelopes for security purposes.

Your new card will look a little different. It will have your name and card information printed on the back instead of the front for extra security. It will also be equipped with the latest contactless technology. No need to insert your card and wait for approval – just tap and go to pay at any contactless-enabled terminal. Your card will still be equipped with chip technology, so you are able to insert your card to pay when preferred or when a terminal is not contactless-enabled.


Benefits of Contactless Payments 

  • Saves time at checkout
  • Enhanced security for your card information
  • No-touch transactions – your card works within 1-2 inches of the terminal

    How to Use Your New Contactless Card

    If your First State Bank Nebraska Visa® Debit Card has a Contactless Indicator  on the back, you can confidently make contactless in-person purchases with these simple steps:

    • Look – Locate the contactless symbol on the point-of-sale terminal. 
    • Tap – Place your card over the symbol to pay quickly with just a tap.
    • Go – Your payment is completed in seconds!

    If you prefer to use your chip, you may continue inserting your card as you have been doing.

    The Contactless Symbol and Contactless Indicator are trademarks owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.