Safety Deposit Box 101

Yes, people still use safety deposit boxes and for good reason! Many of us store documents at our own homes or residences in things like file cabinets or safes, but there are certain records that we value more than others.

Common things to place in safety deposit boxes are often passports, vehicle titles, social security cards, marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, real estate documents or receipts and documentation for home improvements. Safety deposit boxes make a good home for documents that need to be kept indefinitely and in a safe place. You wouldn’t want to keep your car title in the glove box or your social security card in your wallet for fear of getting them lost or stolen!

If you’re trying to make sense of file storage and where to keep those important documents or valuables, maybe a safety deposit box is right for you. If you have any questions or inquiries about safety deposit boxes, please stop by your local First State branch or give us a call!